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    May 15, 2016: Updated to 0.6.9
    November 3, 2015: Updated to 0.6.8
    October 27, 2015: Updated to 0.6.7

Update 11/03/2015

TLRPlanner version 0.6.8

Rare monster spawner

All rare enemies can now be activated

Mystic/Item balance

No correctly displays balance info


A list of most of this program's features

Game information

See everything important at a glance.

Map details

See all spawned enemies on the current map. Includes treasures and excavation points.

Quests and Guild Tasks

See a comprehensive list of all tasks.

Game Guide

Always know what to do next

Fix game bugs

Fix the mystic focus bug and more.

Equipment and items

See all items and get a list of items required to update your unit's equipment


Provides a powerful list of cheats to use

Skills and classes

See all unit skill levels and class development.

Unions and hiring

See what units could be hired to fill your unions.


See all game maps, including treasure markers.


See how you would have fared if it were the console version.


See all battle info, including the health of all boss enemies.

Additional guides

See additional game info, not covered in the tool itself.

Area maps

See all maps directly online.



Unit list

All leaders online, as an Excel (xlsx) or an OpenDocument (ods) file.

All soldiers online, as an Excel (xlsx) or an OpenDocument (ods) file.

A short walkthrough (TBD)

Read a short, comprehensive guide for the game.



Download savegames

New Game+ save; start a first game with Mystic Seal; nothing collected

New Game+ 8 save; everything collected


How to enable Cheat Engine's speedhack

See a demonstration as a video or an html5 video

Download Cheat Engine here

Small TLRP tools

Only the monster spawns: TLRPEncounter

Only the battle data: TLRPBattle

Savegame viewer (no editor): TLRPSave


See what’s possible with this tool


Game Info

Unit details

Union details

Guild Tasks


Area maps

Equipment status





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